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14 July 2008 @ 08:36 am
Introduction/Possible Meetup(?)  
Name: Jaclyn
Location: Outside ATL(Columbus)
Favorite Artists: Rentrer En Soi, Versaillies, Deadman, Despairs Ray, Dir En Grey, Mucc, BUCK-TICK, Kiyoharu (and any band he was in) and a ton more. I don't listen to much Jpop, so I just like TM Revolution and Namie Amuro
How Did You Come to like Japanese Music: Google for anime turned Jrock by my friend.
Your Ideal Meet Up?:  Meeting up once and a while over some Japanese event (like Japan Feast/AWA/Japanese movie showing/Karaoke) and talking about our interests and hang out!

I've already talk to a few people on this community, but I gotten so busy over work and school for the summer (bad,bad,stressful idea)
I know this is short notice and I hope this is allowed, but I stumbled across this and I'm getting the OK if I can interview them, but it seems that a VKEI band is coming and starting their tour in GA. Which I have to support because I already lost the chance to see Melt Banana. :*(

They're coming:
19 July Drunken Unicorn ATL,GA
20 July Tasty World Athens,GA

Even though ATL is a lot closer, Drunken Unicorn is a 21+ bar while Tasty World is 18+ . Sorry for the short notice! I just found this recently! I hope I get to see a few people there!

For more information:

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