Introduction/Possible Meetup(?)

Name: Jaclyn
Location: Outside ATL(Columbus)
Favorite Artists: Rentrer En Soi, Versaillies, Deadman, Despairs Ray, Dir En Grey, Mucc, BUCK-TICK, Kiyoharu (and any band he was in) and a ton more. I don't listen to much Jpop, so I just like TM Revolution and Namie Amuro
How Did You Come to like Japanese Music: Google for anime turned Jrock by my friend.
Your Ideal Meet Up?:  Meeting up once and a while over some Japanese event (like Japan Feast/AWA/Japanese movie showing/Karaoke) and talking about our interests and hang out!

I've already talk to a few people on this community, but I gotten so busy over work and school for the summer (bad,bad,stressful idea)
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Name: Nydia
Location: Smyrna
Favorite Artists: Dir en grey, Morning Musume, Utada Hikaru, Koda Kumi, MUCC, D'espairsRay and alot others.
How Did You Come to like Japanese Music: In my freshmen year of high school this girl who like  Utada Hikaru made me a CD with different Utada Songs on it and it was love.
Your Ideal Meet Up?:  Going out for Kareoke, everyone laughing having fun, singing off key, while stumbling over the parts of the song they don't know.



And thank you for joining this community. The purpose of this comm is for fans of Japanese Music like myself to meet up and possibly make friends with other fans of  Japanese Music.  No matter what genre you listen to whether its J-Rock or J-Pop or J-Urban I hope you find someone in the Atlanta Metro Area with an interests in the same artists you like.

I recently moved to Atlanta in August, and I really really want to make friends with others who enjoy Japanese Music.  None of my other friends enjoy it, and I really want to meet a group of people I can hang out with and discuss the newest single, pv, album or live performance of some of my favorite artists. So I created this community with the idea that maybe there are others in Atlanta who would like to meet people who share their music interests. 

To get things started here is a sample introductory post:

Location (what part of Atlanta you live in):
Favorite Artists:
How Did You Come to like Japanese Music:
Your Ideal Meet Up?: